laughter ensues as speaker realizes not,

I’m a poet by nature [that’s why I say “I po” – I read somewhere – oh HERE – – all about “po” – lateral thinking. I knew about lateral thinking already years ago, but only heard of “po” a few years back, and I like it as a word.

Anyway, if I gave in to the urge, I’d write poetry all day long. What I do instead, is disguise my poetry as prose. When i write, there’s a rhythm to it, a meter, a certain pattern, for the words form music in my head, like a rap or a spoken word poem… sometimes with music and often not. Or I’ll hear different voices saying it as I type. [not nutty, just creative] – like a newscaster with his exagerated up and down, or an pastor preaching to his flock.

But often I find myself
When I’m talking aloud even still,
a rhyme or two will come forth from within,
laughter ensues as speaker realizes not,
the rot of meaning unreceived by the mocking masses, whose only desire is to knock a guy down a peg because he made a rhyme, unknowingly.

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