^Last night, after everybody goes to^

^Last night, after everybody goes to bed and I finally allow myself to do it (i don't let myself do it during the day – too much fun – and minds out of the gutter, please – I know how you are) – I popped into a random video chat room ("Hangouts") on Google+ – where you can talk with up to 9 people at once. In this room, there were a few brazilian men and women about my age, maybe a few years older.

They didn't speak any more English than I spoke Portuguese. But we all had each other laughing the whole time. After I used up the few phrases I horribly mispronouce (which got them laughing) and they used up theirs (one of the women in the room managed to get out a "Hello! How… are…. you?" and a man could just barely say "Good morning") – I started to use Google Translate and tried to pronounce what I saw, without really knowing how to read portuguese aloud. THAT'S when everybody, including me, got a severe case of the giggles, especially when I made sense.

The whole thing lasted maybe 20 minutes before my woefully underpowered netbook decided "I'm not strong enough to handle video anythings", gave up on me and knocked me out, I closed up shop and went to bed with a smile on my face: I just visited a foreign country I will never see, talked to people I will never meet, in a language I will never comprehend and they did the same with me.

The absurdity of the whole situation was hysterical and an honest laugh shared among strangers is especially wonderful, for you have made temporary instant friends, all with good feelings.^

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