“Last Humans on Earth”. I can’t do people or perspective welll, but I *think* I can do “mood”.

Facebook is the refrigerator I post my “macaroni + glue” art to :)

I just joined a Facebook group that I’ve seen highly recommended in two places, https://www.facebook.com/groups/1402563099961950/ – where there are topics and you have 30 minutes to speed paint along with a few rules about it.

They’re way ahead of anything I think I could ever do, but I figured, I’ll do what I can and post it here.

I picked the topic, “Last Human On Earth”. I figured, ok I can’t draw people outside of stick figures… understand but can’t draw perspective outside of a long and winding road to infinity… but…

what CAN I do?

Mood. I think I can do “Mood”. Ground and sky of a wrecked Earth. I don’t have the patience for 30 minutes but I did it ’til I hit a point where, to me, it’s fine.last-humans-on-earth


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