Largest Minecraft Server in the Galaxy in surface area that I know of… was mine.

I’m gonna need a bigger map. Next #Minecraft – actual size.  The Earth is just too small. :P

To estimate World Size – Adding up Region files isn’t enough.  they have coordinates built-in to the filenames.  They matter.

square miles
194126 miles x 194126 miles
the Circumference of Earth is 24901 miles
It would wrap around the world 7.8 times… the earth is just too small.

square km
312415.6 x 312415.6 kilometers

for the total surface area of all the worlds I had running at one time or another… most of it in bigplot and the newer bigplots, which were suburbs – streets and everything.   Not every area was explored, which is why these numbers are so huge – BUT SOMEONE WENT OUT to some pretty far extremes – SOMEONE WAS THERE.  These are the calculations if all the inbeween spaces are accounted for… ones that region files had yet to be generated for.. but there’s a spot for them in the coordinate system.

3.77E+10 sq miles
9.76035E+13 sq km
if fully explored. jw0aef09jwfwa0jf0waw0fj cant type.
I want my math to be wrong, but it’s not.  I was happier with being bigger than Delaware… but i forgot about the inbetween spaces…
and have names in the form r.x.z.mcr, where x and z are the region’s coordinates. surface_area_large


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