Labels suck. But people use them. So, find the labels that you’ve comfortable with and use them, for their sake… and for yours.


  • ‘ve been struggling with the issue of labeling for some time now. I don’t like labels put on me yet I don’t like labeling myself.

    At the same time, I’ve been trying to figure out my role in the greater society;

    “How do others view me?”
    “How do I view myself?”
    “How would a history book classify me?”

    [not that one will]

    Imagine yourself a politician, Dan. For me, this has been one of the HARDEST challenges for me to face, because my dislike for politics in all forms hits me down to the CORE.

    What do they do in politics? Throw labels around. Hyperbole. Words that appear to signify deeper meanings that make sense to those within their respective communities.

    How many ways can I be labelled?

    And… the biggest challenge of all:

    What’s RIGHT about the labels that might get thrown at me?

    And… Can I *accept* them as having merit?

    Very hard. Still working on it. I’ve been practicing by finding labels I can be comfortable using. Taken me about a year and a half to find “Embodied Cognition” as something i can stand behind, for example. Very hard to find labels I can use and feel safe doing so.
  • Kenneth Udut The labels aren’t even for my own sake so much. It’s for others. Other people are going to label me *anyway*, so why not _give_ them a label to use? Saves them trouble and time and keeps them from assuming I believe certain things that I do not. I’ve only found a few I can use so far. It’s easier to say “I’m not a [xxxxx]ist” but very hard to say, “I am a [xxxxx]ist”


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