Kudos China!

Good. I’m a fan. There will be plenty of workers required to maintain the robots on-call and the programmers as well. Related industries will boom; tech support personnel [‘how do i make my robot do [x]?], oil refineries (hopefully they use silicon instead of oil to lubricate the machines, but being China, they probably use Talc, since it works just as well and lasts longer in a sealed situation.

“Made in China 2025″ campaign is a smart one. I hope other countries follow suit. It’ll force longer and higher education for some, and increase maintenance jobs for others. What will we lose? Factory work. There’s plenty of other forms of labor than factory jobs; they’ve mostly been eliminated anyhow in most of the world EXCEPT China. They NEED stuff like this.

Maybe it’ll generate enough income for the State where their people can have a somewhat increased quality of life. We’ll see how that goes.

Kudos China!

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