Know yourself. Look within.

Know yourself. Look within. Understand what makes your emotions move to and fro and learn how to manage the emotions that come your way. Learn to let them pass by like clouds passing in the sky. While learning to understand yourself, you will learn to understand others. Learning is lifelong, and you get thousands of moments every day to learn something, or to be reminded of what you almost forgot. To shoot a ship to the moon it takes thousands of tiny course corrections so that it doesn’t miss the moon by a mile. Learn to fall. Learn to be wrong. Be okay with it. Be thrilled when you’re wrong and find something to learn from every situation. You will then never be bored, and you will be more well-rounded a person. Know yourself, from the best parts of yourself to the yuckiest parts of yourself. apply what you know about yourself to others, and work to understand them. It is the only way to be at peace. It takes a lifetime but it is a process of moving from obscure to less obscure, like washing a really dirty mirror that takes a lifetime to clean before you can see yourself as you truly are, and you are no longer afraid.

Thanks to @102976465024742837897 for inspiring me to write this in response to her post.

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