know truly how to do that…

#4) Gets easier each time you go through things. Divorce and unrequited love are two of the top 10 biggest stressful things ANYBODY can have in their lives. The fact that you FEEL means you’re HUMAN. You’re really not pinnochio – you are REAL. Writing helped me out a lot – I can see that you’re a Writer. Try journalling poetry – write it up, hide it – or burn it – or save it or show it off – i…ts up to you. But poetry / song writing works really well (poetry and writing lyrics are the very same thing). Write letters to yourself in the future. “To Adam” and put a date on it a year from now. Write a note to your future self, seal it, put it away. open it up next year. Do one for every major event coming up in your life. Write one for a month from now, another for 6 months from now. Comfort yourself – because only you know truly how to do that… “

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