Kirby recommended Kintarou Oe to me [golden boy]

One of the things I love to do is inspire people to be creative. Your name reminds me of something someone did for me once, by the name of “PsychicKirby” on Vine. He made me the evolution of Waddle Dee. I love stuff like this: he made me look epic tongue emoticon

Man you have my respect …only a few people do what I love….you should watch the anime called “Golden boy” its about a boy who travels from city to city to gain new experiences..

And for me that’s what living a amazing life really is…having different kinds of experiences ” kirbykei

Kintarou Oe – he sounds like me! I’ll check it out – thanks!


lol i can handle that. I saw your question to someone else about Boku no Pico but the thread was zapped b4 my response got through: my answer was, “yeah and I’m just glad it was pixelated in the right places tongue emoticon

Let’s see, a book: Hm.. I can’t think of any off hand but I’ll definitely let you know if I think of something/ hear of something.

For me, being creative is “getting it out of my head” somehow. I love challenging myself to do something I never did before… at least on the computer. [I did a little travel but found I liked being in a chair better]

It’s almost a ‘must’. I’ve very introspective, yet I _have to_ get it out of me somehow. So, I go from project to project to project. I never know what it’s going to be one moment to the next. A lot of my output over the past 2.5 yrs has been here or FB or wherever.

It’s like I *have to* share. I don’t care about approval. I mean, likes are nice to get and I love comments (positive or negative), but I keep outputting. I think that’s what creativity is for me. Outputting. Whatever it is. Get it out of your head somehow, share, move on to something else.


Hm, I dunno. I just think, “What’s the world never seen or heard before?” and I try to make it happen somehow in some way.

I don’t try to be perfect – too much trouble for me, but I shoot for speed. Get the idea, get it out of me, put it out there. Here’s me 2 yrs ago after imagining what I’d look like if I was an Otaku.

I think I do it for the *small chance* of someone out there clicking “like” or making a nice comment. If they don’t, they don’t, but then I do something else. Yet, I don’t like conforming to people’s expectations of me, so as soon as someone tries to put me into a box, I do something to get out of it most of the time.

Keeps me nimble. I love people (at least online) and thrive on creative energy. Look at what we’re doing now: conversing, writing. That’s creativity in action: You’re thinking, writing, responding, feeling, emoting… this is creativity right now.


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