Kids get no vote. Legally some kind of mutation of an infant until age of majority.

Kids get no vote. Legally some kind of mutation of an infant until age of majority.

Justification? Tradition.

Keeps power structure in place and there’s been little pressure to change it, certainly not enough for a dent in this particular issue.

My thoughts? Don’t matter. I’d bring the vote to those affected that lack it now.

What do I suspect would happen? No idea. I could only speculate.

Power structure regarding minors is complicated with many hands having a say. Parents, various in-loco-parentis such as teachers. Not sure where law enforcement fall in this. Tangled mess. Tradition.

Were it up to me? I’d set up area wide education on various issues (this one being one I’d consider less important) highlighting various stances, put things up to several votes. Could be weighted by age or not, I dunno.

Power balance would still remain in the adult hands regardless but it could be more fair.

This is also why the bulk of responsibility falls on the “older”. Just by being above majority, a whole magical set of things suddenly emerge, whether or not every adult is aware of it.

But if you think back to what it was like to be a kid or teenager, you’ll remember. None of the state backed power is in your hands, not really. Maybe a little media sympathy. Maybe some law enforcement, but the bulk of law enforcement is against minors not for. Adults have the power. Responsibility too and not only should morally, but should legally, and DO legally. Until there’s a shift in power balance towards some kind of equality, tradition holds firm.

So, it’s not my call. But I can’t give it to those whose call it should be either. But I *can* try to ensure those who are and should know they’re responsible realize they’re responsible.

If you adult? you responsible.

Saw this question, gave this answer. My answer is out of the realm of theoretical and into the pragmatic. Please criticize freely. I know I could have done better. I tried broadening it in order to introduce the concept of a semi-autonomous youth vote while acknowledging that the power regardless will likely stay in adult hands (implying: so why not try giving youth a say?) The audience was (likely) all adults.



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