kids book titles for the 18

1. Becoming a better person: mind, body, and spirit
“The Kid’s Guide to Making Friends and Being Kind”
“Mindfulness for Kids: Calm and Happy School Days”
“Healthy Kids, Happy Lives: Fun Ways to Stay Fit”

2. Discovering the wonders of space, time, and thinking
“Time Travel Team: Adventures through History”
“The Young Philosopher’s Guide to the Universe”
“A Kid’s Journey through Space and Time”

3. Fun with math, science, and exploring the universe
“Math Mysteries: Solving Secrets with Numbers”
“The Science Detectives: Unraveling the Universe”
“Astronomy Adventures: Exploring the Stars”

4. Computer games, puzzles, and smart machines
“Coding for Kids: Creating Your Own Video Games”
“Robot Builders: Designing the Future”
“Brain-Boosting Puzzles and Games for Kids”

5. People, communities, and how we work together
“The Junior Economist: Understanding Money and Trade”
“Kids Making a Difference: Inspiring Stories of Young Changemakers”
“Discovering Cultures: Celebrating Our World”

6. How our brains think, feel, and understand the world
“The Amazing Brain: How We Think, Feel, and Learn”
“Senses Explorers: Discovering How We Experience the World”
“Brain Power Boosters: Fun Activities for a Sharp Mind”

7. The exciting world of art, music, and movies
“Art Adventures: Exploring Creativity and Imagination”
“The Young Musician’s Guide to Making Tunes”
“Behind the Scenes: The Magic of Movie Making”

8. Memories, understanding others, and cool stories
“My Memory Scrapbook: Creating and Sharing Life Stories”
“Poems from the Heart: Expressing Feelings through Words”
“Storytelling Superstars: Writing and Sharing Our Adventures”

9. Learning about the world and the history of ideas
“School Days around the World: How Kids Learn and Grow”
“The Time-Traveling Historians: Uncovering the Past”
“The Inventor’s Notebook: Great Ideas that Changed the World”

10. Imagining strange worlds, time travel, and computers
“The Cloud Riders: Adventures in a Digital World”
“The Time Machine Club: Journey to the Future”
“Virtual Voyagers: Exploring Fantastic Realms”

11. Helping kids cope with feelings and tough times
“Feeling Good: A Kid’s Guide to Emotional Well-being”
“Overcoming Worries: Strategies for Kids”
“Stronger Together: Coping with Loss and Change”

12. Expressing yourself through poetry and words
“Rhyme Time: A Kid’s Poetry Collection”
“Write On! Creative Writing for Kids”
“Story Starters: Inspiring Ideas for Young Authors”

13. Solving puzzles with logic and understanding space-time
“Logic Puzzles for Young Thinkers”
“The Space-Time Riddles: Brain-Teasing Adventures”
“Brainy Challenges: Logic and Reasoning Games”

14. Smart thinking and how computers can help
“AI Adventures: Exploring the World of Artificial Intelligence”
“The Future Thinkers: Kids and Technology”
“Brain Busters: Boosting Your Intelligence with Tech”

15. Connecting with others through technology
“Digital Friends: Making Connections Online”
“The Social Media Superstars: Safe and Fun Online Adventures”
“Virtual Hangouts: Exploring the World Together”

16. Understanding the universe, communication, and information
“The Big Questions: Exploring Space, Time, and Ideas”
“The Power of Words: Rhetoric for Kids”
“The Young Researcher’s Guide to Finding Facts”

17. Time, thinking, and learning about the world
“The Time Traveler’s School: Learning through History”
“The Mindful Student: Boosting Focus and Attention”
“Brain Games: Sharpening Your Thinking Skills”

18. Understanding cause and effect, our surroundings, and the mind
“The Domino Effect: Exploring Causation”
“Nature’s Classroom: Lessons from the Environment”
“The Inner Explorer: Journey into the Mind”

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