Keyword: “NEVER, ONLY POSSIBLE” – conspiracy theories

The conspiracy movements seem to focus on a limited amount of information and then compare that limited set of information to other limited sets of information, make comparisons, draw conclusions equating them, and then explaining it from there.


“It would NEVER have…[done such and so] that way. The ONLY POSSIBLE way is…”

Once built upon a foundation of “never” and “single possibility” – or to bolster the position, offer several alternatives that seem less likely but then dismiss them, so the only possible answer is the original one….

…then, well, the rest of the story becomes whatever you wish it to be. it usually involves very large organizations out of our control that are make up of a lot of people – or perhaps a select few, but always deliberate.

Nothing is left to chance or happenstance.

Most importantly, the story is so complete, there is no room for anything else. No additional details are permissible that can change the account away from the same conclusion.

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