Kermit stuff [the file transfer program] model 1 emulator


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I look forward to when your article is prepared!

The main kermit ftp site is:

From there, you can get the latest versions of Kermit, as well as a list
of when the versions were compiled.
The .JAR format.  If you bring the .JAR file to a PC, open it up with
a text editor.

Each file is separated by some weird characters and its name.  You need
to highlight each file, and write the block of text to the filename its
given at the beginning of its section.

The .JAR file is all text, if I remember correctly.

If you contact Frank de Cruz [f…], he may be able to
tell you where to find a JAR unarchiver, but I was able to extract
the files using a text editor about 6 months ago, when I was playing
with the Model I emulator.  I haven’t kept the separated files, though.


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