Ken’s Server Minecraft

I ran a Minecraft server from 2012-late 2014 – 23 months. There were people of all ages on it. Youngest I knew of was 5 (didn’t talk), oldest I knew of was 88 (someone’s great-granddad – this guy got a male of each generation of his family to play it and get enthusiastic; he should be a politician.
But most seemed to be between 7-48, with the biggest humps between 9-17, and another between 28-36. No surprise; typical gamer parent ages / typical kid gamer ages.
Between the 9-14 ages there was an equal ratio of boys and girls. 50%/50%, most knew English, although some only spoke other languages.
I had a rule where I never asked anybody their age, because I really didn’t care, but when it’s the same core groups of people and you interact with them on occasion, you get a feel for the age ranges and some volunteer anyway. They all knew I was a 41-42 year old guy who was just running it for his ne. I never expected to get 27,000 ppl on it.
It was also a very chatty server. Since it was creative, it’s pretty much the “I like/liked Legos” crowd rather than the “I want to kill something” crowd.
I didn’t get ‘in the game’ much, but I’d monitor the chat when I was free to, to make sure nothing bad seemed to be happening. I’d talk from “up above” so they knew I could be there at any time.
But I was a “good serverGod”. They seemed to like me, and they behaved themselves. I monitored for abuses, bullying, signs of questionable behavior and I’d occasionally pull someone aside and “have a talk” and they’d listen, at least as far as I could tell.

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