#KennethUdut now shares w

#KennethUdut now shares with you: His very first computer! Had some awesome games too. I got the Extended #basic model which let you #peek and #poke and play around with #machinelanguage as well as BASIC. I’d take programming books out of the library and type in programs that let me create my own #games

It was at that point that I realized, ”I now know all of the #math I will ever need.” I knew I could #program the rest. I declared it boldly to my mother, ”I don’t need any more math”. She replied, in typical parent fashion, ”How do you know what you don’t need if you don’t know it yet?”


But I was right.

I wrote programs for anything more complicated than 6th/7th grade Math. That’s how I understood how it worked. I’d take whatever crap they taught me in school and wrote a program until it make sense to me. So when I was stuck with stupid math formulas, in my mind I was always writing a #basic program to do the formula for me… that’s how I did so good on my #SAT and stuff.

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