Kenneth Udut’s Rules on Presidential Elections. Only for me.

I haven’t gotten behind any candidates myself yet because I have some basic rules – and they’re just mine, I don’t expect anybody else to follow me. Last thing I’d want. I’d hate to be a leader.

But anyway, and I’m making this up as I go along – here’s:

Ken’s Rules:

a) politicians say what people want to hear.

b) they’re not responsible for promises made on the campaign trail as far as I know.

c) Presidential powers are inherently limited due to the nature of our checks and balances system, which works surprisingly well to keep government slow which brings stability and keeps many people employed. Red tape is built-in to the very system itself. Potential for efficiency is inherently limited without a dramatic structural change, which I don’t see happening.

d) the presidential race in the USA does not depend on the popular vote but for everything does, it *does*.

e) Because my vote counts in every other part of the vote, I vote.

f) I also vote because I am a citizen, I was a Boy Scout and was taught that was a good thing to do. I wouldn’t force people to vote but I do it myself when I remember, which is most of the time.

g) When it comes to Presidential, I wait until they narrow it down. I hope for a 3rd candidate because I usually vote independent but that rarely happens. This drives people who are two-party nuts but I’m generally not political and if I find the underdog likeable and agreeable, I’ll give them a shot. Never know.

So, there’s my thoughts on presidential races smile emoticon

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