Kenneth Udut’s religious history, Ultramarine Blue and thoughts on Morman and the afterlife

Ok Here we go:
RAISED: by Mom who believed Sunday School of some kind is important. So: Methodist (because ti was in town).
Experimented with:

Vipissana Meditation / Buddhism
Roman Catholic
Stuck with Eastern Orthodox (Russian) for 5 years – almost became a monk. Still might some day.
Then went all “Science” for 10 years (my 30s)
Now it’s fusion time.

Oh, and when I was 12-14, I read some Linda Goodman books (Star signs/sun signs) and learned OOBE and had some, read about Ancient Astronauts and believe in them for a short time, [but then couldn’t take X-Files seriously when they came out 10 years later because I no longer believed]
and leaned how to lucid dream.

Don’t think I’m an Indigo Child though; but likely an Ultramarine Blue child. [I really *do* believe that everybody’s special, not just a select few]

There’s a lot about Mormon that’s attractive. I like the outlook on afterlife – and taking a lot of the *stress* out of “getting it perfect ’cause this is all you got” that you typically find in most Christianity, Judaism and Islam ; Mormon seems to have a very fully developed structure for “What happens after we die” that I only know little bits and pieces of…

The drawback I’ve seen with some raised-but-not-practicing Mormons has been a bit of laziness, a “Oh, someone will defend me” attitude. But this is an outsider’s perspective, very limited at that.

Oh! OSHA! I forgot about OSHA!

i WAS COMPLETELY hooked on Osha as a teenager. Read everything I could get my hands on.

Osho – I had it wrong – I don’t know where I got Osha from – but yeah – he wrote a lot about meditation. He really made it all quite simple and easy and “everything’s fine – you can do it!” attitude.

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