Kenneth Udut’s Presidential Voting Record

I have a voting record to back it up too…. cause I usually vote.

1992: H. Ross Perot. Pissed off republicans because they thought people like me stole Bush’s vote. But it didn’t. I wouldn’t have voted for Bush ANYWAY.

1996: Perot. Funny ears.

2000: didn’t vote.

2004: Bush. Why? I had to be contrary to myself. I liked his cabinet. Then he fired his cabinet. Fuck. So much for my experiment.

2008: I think I missed 2008 but I might’ve voted for Nader. Not because I believed in him, but because he’s a fly in the ointment.

2012: Didn’t vote ’cause Obama was a shoe-in and there was no 3rd party to mess with.

2016: No idea yet.


Forever independent here. Even THIS cycle, EVERYTHING on the charts _says_ I should be pushing for Sanders. I took tests. They pit me as a Sanders fan.

But I don’t. Why? I can’t get my heart broken. I’d give up being a fly in the ointment. Even if he shows up on the ticket, there’s no guarantee I’ll vote for him. I don’t make the final choice until it’s time for me to tick the mark.


I’m like David in David and Goliath or Don Quixote. The difference is: I don’t care about taking the giant down. I’m just enjoying throwing stones at it.


It’s freedom man. Let someone else get hot and bothered about political effectiveness. I create a lot of systems (processes, etc) that function, get things done, accomplish tasks and goals. Once I even had a title of “Systems Analyst II” at a big Pharma I worked for. [didn’t know or care what it meant, just sounded good].

But political effectiveness? Meh. It is what it is and efficient and effective it ain’t and never was.

So, I’m like a systems troll encouraging others to be systems trolls: NOT to make someone look bad (’cause that’s mean and I’m a nice guy) but in an agendaless way of asserting free choice. like emoticon There. I’ve made my stand. :)


President Udut Has Spoken. [according to Google I’m President of Earth anyway. Another one of my little jabs at systems. I *think* a search for President Udut still shows this up :P ]

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