Kenneth Udut’s impression of England

Raised on Doctor Who, British Mysteries, and “Britcom” they called it back then. Total Anglophile. Learning to appreciate the french a bit too though. Hard for me though

As a country? Probably sooty in cities, awesome countryside. Things a lot smaller and closer than they seem on TV and movies.
Country before Family before Self attitude. Wickedly funny sense of dry humor. Lacking American male bravado but when English bravado comes up, it has an Australian roughness to it, though not quite as Australian.

ahh. Stereotypes. Gotta love ’em

Reminds me a lot of New Jersey where I spent the first 30 years of my life. Same kind of strange mix of both, and NJ Bravado has a similar strange wry bravado. Don’t go by the TV shows; the people on them are from New York; totally different character than NJ

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