Kenneth Udut’s ideas on Politics and Government, Parties and Debates. I’ll hand out the crayons.

I am also glad for the dialectical movement – excess agreement without any contrary opinions can lead to some monstrous creations. ~ 7 headed hydras with many heads but working with one body…. or some wonderful creatures as well… that is, if you’re part of the hydra. But I’m not typically a fan of groups of 3 or more people acting in harmony – they forget themselves and things always start to get weird.

I like the Jain dialectical distinctions a little better than the binary, although there are other logic systems still. Lifting from Wikipedia… their system makes sense to me.

syād-asti: “in some ways it is”
syād-nāsti: “in some ways it is not”
syād-asti-nāsti: “in some ways it is and it is not”
syād-asti-avaktavyaḥ: “in some ways it is and it is indescribable”
syād-nāsti-avaktavyaḥ: “in some ways it is not and it is indescribable”
syād-asti-nāsti-avaktavyaḥ: “in some ways it is, it is not and it is indescribable”
syād-avaktavyaḥ: “in some ways it is indescribable”

It’s still “one vs another” but the “vs” has much finer lines of distinction. I still prefer a plurality of unique equals… or at least systems of government where multiple parties hold office (at least in some sense of office). I’m more a fan of Coalitions for “party formation” (if people _must_ form groups at all) rather than “WE SPEAK OF ONE VOICE IN OUR GROUP TOGETHER, UNITED AS ONE FOR ALL ETERNITY AGAINST _THE OTHER_” as one has with REPUBLICAN vs DEMOCRAT because they’re rather temporary in nature. Distinctiveness isn’t lost in the mix as Coalitions join together and disband.

But according to the some online Political spectrum test I took, I’m a “Social Anarchist”, even further into the “Social Anarchist” category than Nelson Mandala or the Dalai Lama (whose ‘dot’ was closest to mine but still far far away).

This effectively means, when it comes to me and politics as it stands, I’m next to useless. But I’ve always been of a “govern yourselves as best you can and we’ll handle disputes together until you reach some sort of compromise, k? And I’ll hand out the milk and cookies and give you plenty of crayons as you negotiate. If you get too heated, that bucket of ice water hovering over your head will automatically tip over and cool you down. Ok, I’m lying – I have the string over here. Ok, you can start whenever you’re ready, unless you’d rather just go home and watch cartoons. I suggest cartoons. Do your best, there’s plenty of paper and don’t worry about the ice bucket. It’s there if you need it.”

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