Kenneth Udut’s Eye seen three ways – thanks TJ P!

I might have to make the duck a profile pic somewhere but:
a) love the symbolism in #1
b) love the judgmental duck in #2
c) The third one just blows me away.

It’s got that retro digitized look (reminds me of the ‘1995’ filter a little) but the cosmic swirl in the eye is *perfect*.

*That* one I’d make a 20’x20′ wall poster, and maybe put a tiny hole in the middle that is attached to a chute that leads to a garbage can.

But then, I’d need a 2nd one on the OTHER wall with a bigger chute that I can put good ideas in, and hire a hamster to sort them out for me. Maybe 2 hamsters. They can help me sort my thoughts out better.

Loving it – thanks you smile emoticon
11707617_798542783577928_6036209506959451124_n 11667408_798542756911264_3302518520590965588_n 11695825_798543486911191_674692872370676477_n

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