Kenneth Udut’s ethics?

Kenneth Udut’s ethics?
Aristotelian Virtue Ethics:
Aristotle – founder of virtue ethics, Albert Schweitzer – reverence for life, Julia Kristeva – psychoanalysis and ethics, Martha Nussbaum – capabilities approach.

Environmental Ethics:
Aldo Leopold – land ethic, Rachel Carson – Silent Spring, Vandana Shiva – ecofeminism, Arne Næss – deep ecology.

Feminist Ethics:
Carol Gilligan – care-focused ethics, bell hooks – intersectional feminism, Simone de Beauvoir – existentialist feminism, Audre Lorde – identity and social justice.

Care Ethics:
Nel Noddings – ethics of care, Virginia Held – care as a value, Michael Slote – empathy-based care, Sara Ruddick – maternal ethics.

Holistic Ethics:
Thich Nhat Hanh – engaged Buddhism, Jiddu Krishnamurti – non-duality, Ram Dass – spiritual unity, Ken Wilber – integral theory.

Interconnectedness Ethics:
Dalai Lama – compassionate ethics, Jane Goodall – primate research, Wangari Maathai – Green Belt Movement, Joanna Macy – ecological awareness.

Humor Ethics:
George Carlin – satirical comedy, Oscar Wilde – wit and irony, Mark Twain – social critique, Terry Pratchett – fantastical satire.

Empathy Ethics:
Carl Rogers – person-centered therapy, Roman Krznaric – empathic civilization, Brené Brown – vulnerability, Jeremy Rifkin – empathic society.

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