Kenneth Udut’s Career. Resume. Sort of. “What do you do?”

Run an animal trapping business. I do the business stuff. My brother does the animal stuff. I asked him once long ago, “What would you dream profession be?” He thought and said, “Work with animals”. So, I helped make it happen and take care of the crap I don’t mind (paperwork, advertising, whatever) so he can do his animal thing.

I also own and manage our house, collect money from my bro and others in the house in a ‘landlord’ role that I never asked for, but whatever. People gotta have a place to live and I’m good with managing limited funds.

Before that, systems analyst for a pharmaceutical company in NJ.
[I was the Excel guru; I faked my way in and figured it out as I went along, turning out to be damn good at Excel and programming]

Before that, temp work, computer repair shop, lots of computer programming jobs, graphic designer for a print shop, and my first job was a custodian for my local church, as a teenager.

Oh and working in the computer dept at college; my first Internet was on Green Screen dumb terminals.. and the high tech computers were 386SXs. You should’ve seen the Macs; talk about old school.

My real career though? Psychologist, counsellor, entertainer, clown, motivational speaker, pseudo-father/uncle/brother/son (friend), coach, tutor, multimedia editor (6 seconds at a time), cultural commentator (journalist?), and scientist (sociologist) and data nut. I love data.

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