Kenneth Udut’s bullying experiences and how he dealt with them.

So, I learned to talk back at them – and out wit them – but with a stutter I was overcoming that was hard sometimes. So, I learned to get contrary.

“GO AHEAD, KNOCK ME DOWN!” That worked on one-on-one or when there were several people. I knew how to stand and i changed the rules of the game.

Didn’t always work.

When I fought, I’d get tunnel vision, rage blind, etc and apparently gave it my everything. I was hard to calm down afterwards too.

My mother ended up taking me to biofeedback training when I was 11. Best thing ever.

Last time I said, “go ahead, knock me down” was the 1st time they were wise to it and had a guy hiding behind, crouched down and knocked me over. At that point, I was in my mid-teens and laughed because finally, _someone_ got me.

But I spent many times running away from them successfully too. I was super-fast [got 3rd-5th grade top sprinting speed, but I could never finish the long distance running ones)

But I can’t complain; these bullies, while occasionally hiding rocks in snowballs during snowball fights, were more throwers or hands-on fist fighters. I never dealt with swirlies and such.

I had bigger issues with “Mean girls” and their psychological games. Made me psychologically stronger. [some boys play their game too, but not as well]

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