Kenneth Udut’s books on Amazon – an explanation.

I tend to do them in some way.
Wanted to become an author.
Spent years trying to figure out “the perfect book”. Still am.
But then I realized: what’s an author? Someone who published a book. Well, I can do that.
So I did.

is it my DREAM book? No. Is it THE BOOK THAT WILL IMPRESS THE WORLD? No. Is it books that will Make me Rich and Famous? No.

But I can legitimately say “I’m an author”. Getting that out of my system was a big relief.

It was so easy. I have four of them. The Thesaurus my first. I sat on it for a year before just saying, “F it” stick it out there. Who cares if anybody buys it or understands it.

The 2nd book was proof-of-concept; what a book MIGHT look like if I just took random things I wrote through the years and stuck them in a collection out of context, just like famous dead writers get.

3rd book was proof of speed and variety of “dream fulfillment”. I wanted to show someone that they CAN do it themselves, by taking a mere comment I had just made, and publishing it on Amazon, making a music video out of it, and publishing it in a few other ways within about a 1/2 hour’s time, to prove that You _can_ do anything yourself.

4th book was fun. Take the #1 project gutenburg book, which was Pride & Prejudice, and making it meaningless Blah. I kept the parts of speech correct as best I could. I didn’t change any sentence structures. And you can read it all the way through.

If you wanted it to MEAN something, just replace the blahs with something more interesting. smile emoticon That took about 6 hours.

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