Kenneth Udut’s Autosaving Console Based Excel Capturing Thought Collector

Thanks for the Excel integration. That was the biggest feature for me. I already put something together with it last night – a simple console based “thought collector” that takes what you write, date/time stamps it in one column and puts what you write in another column, saves the changes, then asks for more.

When you’re finished, you just type “bye”.

I guess it’s like a log file / captain’s log / type of thing. I love being able to CONTROL Excel from the “outside” rather than depending on VBA, which I love too, but I don’t like being married so firmly to macro limitations.

Compiled to an EXE and I can share it, which I did already. What you did is marvelous and easy. First little EXE I’ve made in a long time. Very satisfying :)


I just took the code you wrote and modified it a bit. I didn’t clean it up or anything. Seeing how well it integrates, I don’t doubt it’ll work on other systems. I’ll try it on my mother’s Win8 system to see if it flies and where it dumps the files, but I’m sure it’ll work. No documentation, no explanation in there… it’s just a thing I whipped together for myself but it shows for me how easy thinBASIC is to work with, and I’ve already recommended it highly to some young people who were getting REALLY FRUSTRATED with trying to learn Python, JAVA, etc from scratch. Their heads are in books when they should be DOING something interesting.


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