Kenneth Udut’s addictions

Vine. Totally hooked on it 100%.
I have Instagram and feed it sometimes but it never grabbed me the way Vine did.
This group too. Avoided INFP groups for years for this very reason

Google+ – mostly to support a handful of steadfast followers.
I avoid Kik as much as possible these days; was addicted.
Was addicted to Skype a few years ago; haven’t checked it in 8 months now because of it.
Was addicted to Minecraft for over two years.

Never got into Tumblr; I can _feel_ its addictive power, along with IMGUR… has too much potential for addictability.

Wikipedia for sure – totally addicted.

I also stay off of the Cheezburger and other Meme sites for similar reasons, oh and reddit. I don’t allow myself to go on reddit for more than a SINGLE post viewing – that’s all.

Never fed my youtube addiction either; I just ‘use it’ but I don’t let it rule.

Avoided TV for the past 2 years to break a long-TV habit.

Oh! Online. Been addicted to online since 1988. Any spare moment of any day. I’d bring BBS msgs on DISKETTES to my jobs and sneak in offline message reading and replies, then get home and upload the replies. Yeah – discussion groups for sure – addicted? 10000%.

I WAS addicted to making money for a few years. I really _should_ feed that addiction. That was actually productive


That’s my overriding addiction.

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