Kenneth Udut’s 1998 Resume

1993 – present Angelord Inc. Union, NJ

Consultant· Computer Consulting, data entry, word processing, answering phones, spreadsheet creation, automation and manipulation, troubleshooting computer software and hardware, desktop publishing, programming in Visual Basic and macros, linking spreadsheets and communicating with mainframe-based databases via ODBC. Created SQL (Structured Query Language) requests to optimize data retrieval. Created databases in Microsoft Access, and automated data entry and retrieval by creating Queries, Forms, Reports, Macros and Relational Databases. Long and short term projects.

1996-1997 D&F Discount Computers Inc. Roselle Park, NJ

Head Technician· Performed troubleshooting and repairs of IBM clone computers with various hardware and software problems, including: video cards, sound cards, network cards, I/O cards, motherboards, computer cases (typically a card or motherboard or stray wire shorting to the case), memory chips, laptop-specific components, CPU, and innumerable software troubleshooting: various DOS, Windows 3.1, Windows 95, Unix, PCMOS and Netware based programs including various database (FoxPro, Dbase II-V, Paradox (DOS + Win), Access, Oracle), word processors (WordPerfect, Word, AmiPro, LotusPro), spreadsheets (Excel, QuattroPro, MultiPlan, 1-2-3), system software (MS-DOS 2.11-6.22, Windows 2 – beta 98 and NT, various flavors of Unix), and games. Solved many types of conflicts, memory, between cards, between programs and TSRs, between conflicting network packet drivers, software drivers, virus programs, Internet software, IP addresses. Some of the troubleshooting was done with the computer in front of me, or over the telephone, giving instructions to the customer on what they need to do to fix the problem, often spending up to an hour slowly walking the customer through the process. · Opened and closed the store.· Kept the store clean.

1990 – 1991 Hampshire College Amherst, MA·

Focus of study was computer science, child psychology.· Left college due to lack of funds.

1986 – 1990 Vail-Deane School Mountainside, NJ·

Private, co-ed college preparatory school· Graduated in top 10% of class

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