Kenneth Udut – you’re the type of guy people look up to.

“WOW man, whats next a shrine, that might sound mocking in a way, but man you are the type of guy people look up to”

I don’t know if I exactly deserve to be looked up to, but now that you mention shrine…

….well.. when I had the Minecraft server one guy built a statue of my skin that went from Minecraft bottom to the top of the sky… 256 blocks high I think.  He kept calling me God type names (he coined “serverGod” for me which stuck”) and talked in worship type words whenever I spoke from the console…  and if I showed up in the game, he left ’cause he said he wasn’t worthy to be on the server at the same time….

… so…  yeah.. I guess I kinda do :/  – I felt kinda bad for him a bit.  He was about 22 yrs old, super smart but had family problems.  A lot of the other people looked up to _him_ so I guess when I showed up he was like, “oh shit, boss is here!” or something.  I never could make sense of it honestly.  I just figured if he wants to talk to me that way, he can.


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