Kenneth Udut – You’re an innocent.

And thank you by the way :) I try very hard to keep the innocence.

I had a flirter two days ago at the supermarket. Cashier. She was giving me the eyes, packing the person’s package in front of me VERY poorly, putting frozen food with shelf food.

She was looking at me when she was talking to the person in front of me, giving me eyes, lowering her shoulders slightly to try to show off more.

I just wanted to check out and get out of there. It was flattering of course, but annoying. WHY would I want to be with someone who ignores EVERYBODY ELSE around them and pays all attention on ME?

If they are rude to other people to get my attention, that means she’ll be rude to ME when she wants someone ELSE’S attention.

I don’t believe in selective human treatment like that. Have favorites? Fine, but not at the expense of basic civility.. and DEFINITELY not at the expense of mixing up frozen peas and cereal boxes.

No excuse for that smile emoticon

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