Kenneth Udut, You freaking rock

Kenneth Udut,

You freaking rock. I’ve never been called an ‘enemy of the Dalek’s’ BY a Dalek before.

I see why the Doctor digs it so much.
You feel HUGE.


  •  You have a cool play list.
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  • Kenneth Udut
    Kenneth Udut Jera Wolfe Thanks smile emoticon I’ve been mostly using it to put stuff online that’s been trapped on ancient analog cassette tapes and get it online in SOME form. 

    Screwed some of it up; stereo recordings I ended up recording in mono, levels not adjusted properly. But even the originals are just rambling music. It’s on my “someday I’ll maybe split them up, give names to the musical ideas and expand on them”, but I never do, so I figured I’ll just put it up ‘as is’. I don’t have the patience to sort it all out.

    Anyway, I figured you might like being an enemy of the Daleks: I agree – the Doctor loves being called the Destroyer of Worlds and stuff like that and then going, “oh no no, little ol’ me? I’m good… I mean… well, I’m not really good, I just like humans better”.


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