Kenneth Udut thinks at 270 bpm. 90bpm 135 bpm also works.

Ok, this might not make sense to anybody [in my process of curiousity I’ve wondered many things through the years. None are strange questions to me, but perhaps are to some people, and that’s ok].

Well, a few years back, I wondered, “What’s my natural tempo?” As I kid I was told, “YOU BEAT TO A DIFFERENT DRUMMER.”. Ok, what if I took that literally? What speed does my drum beat at?

270 bpm. Through some experiments on the piano I figured that much out.

Anyway, today, after looking at a a “how to solve anything” video I made a few months back, I wondered, ” *Does my natural speaking voice have a bpm?”

I started adding backing tracks at different speeds, until I found a match, and I found several.

I tested out 270 bpm. It works. I tested it out with 135 bpm tracks. It works. I tested with 67.5 bpm tracks. It works.

Then I did something tricky: 270 bpm / 3 = 90 bpm. And that probably worked best of all, at least to my ears.

In short, without TRYING to speak at a particular rhythm… apparently I do and now I know what that number is. I can go with anything related to 270 bpm and my timing will take no extra effort at all. If I wanted to be a rap singer? I’d just go 90 bpm or135 bpm because that’s my natural tempo. (270/2= 135bpm 270/3=90 bpm). SO there. Curiousity satisfied, scientifically tested and proven enough for me :)

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