Kenneth Udut, Theoretical Physics, child psychology, Chariots of the Gods

My grandmother was into ancient aliens and Doctor Who [ Collin Atherton just heard me tell this – I can’t believe I’m telling the same story twice… uh oh..]

She also fancied Scientists and Engineers ’til she worked with Engineers, so I’ve heard. [her hubby died of some infection that would’ve been cured when my mother was a baby had penicillin been available [it was only introduced in 1942 and he died in 1943]

Anyhow, I enjoyed her copy of Chariots of the Gods when I was like 12-14 yrs old and ate that stuff up. All of it. She was also into Edgar Cayce – who was the “American Prophet” who came UP with a lot of the ideas common to New Age, Theosophy, X-Files and stuff.

He was right about global warming tho’ tongue emoticon

Anyway, I abandoned that stuff when I was 14 and laughed when X-Files came out 10 years later.

I kept the love of Doctor Who tho’. Almost landed me into Theoretical Physics at college. Ended up doing child psychology instead and I’m glad for it ’cause the world’s a bunch of overgrown children most of the time tongue emoticon

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