Kenneth Udut, the Politician. The thought makes me nauseus yet, what *is* the ultimate in convincing people if not a kind of vacous power?

I know it seems weird. $50+$50 spent on what works out to being a Poem written in a Fictitious Names Database. But that’s just $20/year (5 years span) for these two connected ideas. [$10 yr for each idea, “for less than the price of a cup of coffee per month” as the old “Save the Children/Cute Animal” campaigns used to say on TV.

I’m trying to tie together the various worlds of my life together: We each wear many hats, play many roles. I’m playing a role right now: As “Internet Know-It-All” on a Philosophy group. I’m supposed to show just how awesome I am for the purposes of gaining either Agreement or Disagreement… or my favorite response, “Wait… what?”

But I am other roles, I’m other people. I’m a businessman. I run several businesses that make money. I set up fictitious identities with which to present a particular ‘face’ to the world. [I’m honest and fair – I have certain things that I believe are “right” – not being a cheat or liar is two of them]

Yet, I’m forgiving of those who “play the game” in a slimy way. I know their techniques. I even use some of them for what I believe to be good purposes. For example, I’ve gained thousands of followers on various networks by using similar techniques used by scam artists and the poor sods who fall into the “multi-level marketing” game – but my purposes are not for making money; they’re for meeting new people, gaining new perspectives, and learning about various subcultures… all from the comfort of my ugly office chair.

Being right for me is being emotionally in earnest; I believe what I’m doing has a greater purpose. I believe there’s real people at the other end of the wires, not just floating ideas debated by little icons and pseudonyms.

Yet, I’m forgiving of those who see the value in debating “pure ideas for their own sake” or to come to a greater truth; without regard for the person being a real person on the other end. It’s the allure of the ‘net.

I also gave up on privacy years ago. Man, I should be in politics ugh. The thought makes me nauseous.

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