Kenneth Udut: Swag since 2003. Sort of. Not really. Also, note to future self.

I got SWAG… or swagger at least.  Found this note from 2003 that I wrote to my future self, printed on some weird 4 inch wide paper from a tiny pocket sized printer I had.  Ok, that’s a lie.  I planned to get swag. Just read.

“2. Act as if you’re not shy.  In private, behave as if you’re oozing confidence.  Hold your chin up, stick your chest out, add a swagger to your walk and speak firmly.  It may seem ridiculous, but you will see results when you’re out in public.”

See.  Swag.  2003.  Before everybody else.  I had it.  So :P society. lol

Actually, no I didn’t.  I don’t have swag.  It’s to my future self.  It was my future self in 2003, and it’s still my future self in 2015.


[Nor do I want swag.  But a few people HAVE done noscopes of me and given me the minecraft glasses and the flying doritos and airhorns and stuff with my face, so I guess, I do have it, at least parody-swag.]

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