Kenneth Udut: Speaker For The Dead.

I’m kind of happy. I never know what project I will embark on in my “free time”. This was my free time.

Tonight (I’ve been awake between 12am-7am my time) – I got to pretend to be a Translator of Ancient Texts and “Speaker For The Dead” … something I always wanted to do.

I don’t like people being quoted out of context. I don’t like when it happens to me and I don’t like when it happens to dead people who can’t defend their own words.

I saw an awful “quote” from Clement of Alexandria – around 180AD or so and thought, “Wait a sec… that doesn’t sound right”.  And… it wasn’t.

I got to use the full “Power of the Internet” and I uncovered Ancient Texts, used various translators, I even fixed a bad scan of a language I CAN’T EVEN READ, and got to watch the magic as I replaced badly scanned Greek letters and Google Translate was popping words in for me, until it made sense.

I defended the honor of a man who cannot speak for himself on charges of misogyny (woman hating) and I believe successfully so.

Another dream fulfilled!    Kenneth Udut: Speaker For The Dead

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