Kenneth Udut Resume as of 08-02-1998

1990-91 – Hampshire College, Amherst MA
1986-90 – Vail Deane School (college prep), Mountainside NJ

1990-present – Park Bookkeeping and Computer Services, Roselle Park NJ.  Owner/Operator.  Building/Repairing computer hardware.  Installing computer software.  Training customers on various software packages.  Learning custom software applications for purposes of teaching to customer.  Part-time business.

1993-present – Angelord Temporary Services, Union NJ.  Various positions, from administrative assistant and data entry for Schering-Plough, PC help desk, computer installation, software training, analyzing blueprints for insertion into customized database for Jersey Central Power & Light, Primarily PC, some VAX/VMS and IBM mainframe experience, some Macintosh.

1996-1998 – D&F Discount Computers Inc, Roselle Park, NJ.  Assembling/repairing IBM-compatible computer systems, from XT through Pentium II.  Installing sound cards, video cards, network cards, building computers from parts, servicing various hardware and software problems, advising customers on software/hardware purchases, telephone technical support.

1991-1994 – Park Graphics, Inc, Roselle Park, NJ.  Desktop publishing on Macintosh II, using QuarkExpress and PageMaker 3, 4, and 5.  Designing pamphlets, books, advertisement, political campaign.  Sole desktop publisher.  Owner of company died in 1994, after being in business since the 1940’s.

1990-91 – Hampshire College, Amherst MA.  Work-study position providing software support for students using WordPerfect 5.1 for IBM, Microsoft Word and PageMaker for Mac, various VAX/VMS software including e-mail/newsgroups/various others.  Provided training for new students and professors.

Proficient in: WordPerfect, Word, Lotus 1-2-3, Lotus WordPro, Ami Pro, Quattro Pro, Excel, PageMaker, QuarkExpress, PowerPoint, Harvard Graphics, VAX/VMS end-user level programs, Unix end-user programs, Windows 95, Windows 3.1, MS-DOS, Deskmate, Geoworks, Multimate, DBase III + IV.

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