Kenneth Udut, President of Earth, makes a speech about promises.

As President, I promise I will let you down only in those areas in which I set your expectations too high of me, and I will also let you down in those areas in which your expectations of me were set too high for me to achieve reasonably.

That being said, I will stand behind you and your endeavors 100%, wherever and whatever they may be. You have my full backing and support, for your President of your Own Realm and a vote for me is, in reality, a vote for yourself, for as President of Earth, I will do nothing except talk and sign papers and maybe write a semi-factual autobiography with a ghostwriter who will do the actual heavy writing, , but I will encourage you to accomplish all of your dreams, wherever they may lead, whether I am aware of them or not.

I will also establish a Presidential Library. It includes the entirety of the Internet, both past and future, and all backups, the Quantum computers yet to be, and also anything written on paper, stone, or any materials whatsoever, and the thoughts, hopes and dreams of every human and non-human lifeform on this planet, as well as every grain of sand, every drop of water, and all 108 elements and all of the forces, known and known, including Gravity and especially Time.

I will maintain a reasonably functional atmosphere in most of the world and, generally, allow things to be as they are, or as they will be and I will extend that to the past as well, allowing the past to generally remain the same as it occurred, with perhaps some necessary corrections to the history books as needed

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