Kenneth Udut on Vine “is a 10 year old child in a man’s body.” Philosophical and goofy and trying to understand.


  • Isaac Purinton Umm that movie just sums up all of your vine videos… a 10 year old child in a man’s body. I mean it makes perfect sense! Your philosophical vines are your inner child trying to understand the world around him, and your goofy vines are your inner child’s way of playing. A real “Kenspiracy” theory
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  • Kenneth Udut Isaac Purinton You nailed it That’s exactly it! I do all the serious stuff I have to but when I have a few free seconds (6.8 seconds to be exact) here and there, I’m saying, “What if?” or “I got it all figured out!” or being ridiculous. I’ve always been like that, but Vine gives me a chance to show it off better. The clown philosopher who takes everything and nothing seriously at the same time and wants a Like here and there.




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