Kenneth Udut, May 28, 1972 – 4 months old



#Myth All Babies Are Beautiful
#Fact All Babies Are Not Beautiful.  They look like #aliens at first

Earliest known picture of me.  Four months old.  I was born three months premature, so technically that’s me at one month old!

I hope to find pictures that are earlier, but I think any of those would be in the hospital.  You’d see this REALLY TINY alien looking thing with wires sticking out of his head, hands and feet, behind plastic.

I still have scars from those wires in my feet.  They’re just little lightning bolt things that are hard to see now, but I know what they’re from.

All babies are cute?  Meh.  Maybe later when they fill out a bit.  Right now, I’m still not fully cooked yet.  [no, I’m not gonna do a “baby series”.  Just amazed to find this.  Never saw it before.  I’ll do one more baby pic to show that I didn’t stay like that.

Why?  Because it’s my G+. :P Kenny-April-1972


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