Kenneth Udut long list of words grouped.

Kenneth Udut long list of words grouped.
1. Personality Traits: Curious, introspective, unique, resilient, adaptable, empathetic, nurturing, self-aware, resourceful, determined, creative, mindful, spiritual, interested, inquisitive, insightful, intellectual, philosophical, analytical, innovative, exploratory, multifaceted, passionate, collaborative, knowledgeable, skilled, fulfilled, diverse, complex, abstract, theoretical, kind, inclusive, compassionate.
2. Interests and Disciplines: Music, philosophy, spirituality, psychology, cognitive science, systems theory, education, nature of reality, discrete mathematics, combinatorics, second-order logic, information theory, digital circuit design theory, systems thinking, communication, media, artificial intelligence, politics, literature, quantum mechanics, panpsychism, emergent phenomena, non-linear dynamics, self-organization.
3. Personal Experiences and Conditions: Premature birth, perfect pitch, generalized anxiety disorder, ADHD, leadership in Boy Scouts, supporting small-time creators on social networks, diagnosed conditions (autism, ADHD, anxiety, OCD).
4. Coping Mechanisms and Strategies: Biofeedback, guided meditation, ADHD management strategies, personal growth and well-being strategies.
5. Concepts and Theories: Church’s Lambda Calculus, Panentheism, David Lewis’s multiverse, human potential, practopoiesis, embodied cognition, Claude Shannon’s information theory, Gregory Bateson and Humberto Maturana’s systems thinking, interconnectedness, self-actualization, virtual reality, augmented reality, cellular entities, molecular entities, deity, spiritual entities, fiction, irrelevance, unresponsiveness, unawareness, incomprehensibility, harmony, consciousness, universe, complex systems, Dopaminergic Engagement Cycle, Flow, network science, mathematical modeling, stories, symbols, sacred texts, Neurodiversity, mindfulness, resilience, personal-development, diversity, inclusion, empathy, compassion, complexity, cybernetics, music, creativity, innovation, leadership, community, harmony, silence, rhythm, dissonance, syncopation, resonance, crescendo, adagio, aria, cadence, nocturne, unison.
6. Social and Political Movements: Progressive policies, cyberfeminism, intersectional feminism, ecofeminism, third-wave feminism, transfeminism, dialogue.

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