Kenneth Udut is not a man of integrity. He does the best he can though.

I suppose I am more of an actor than a man of integrity. What is integral to me is something I often keep hidden from view. It directs my choices, my interpretations of the world, but I’ve always kept appearances and integrity more or less compartmentalized. Influencing each other yes, but through filters and lenses..

The reason? Vulnerability.

The view of a man who stands tall, proud and true to himself despite a backdrop of corruption, scandal, lies and posturing… seems somewhat fictional to me. I’ve not witnessed it. I have no examples of it I can find. I have seen appearances of integrity. I have seen many noble quests to slay the wicked beasts surrounding them and then, they remain alone or in small groups of like-minded individuals, decrying the ignorance of the world and the rightness and purity of their cause.

Yet I have seen subtle integrity. Hidden from direct view, it peeks from behind many curtains. That’s what I search for in people.

The seeds of an apple are invisible from direct view and are only useful upon planting in proper soil. Even someone who seems rotten to the core may have within them good seeds, their rottenness a product of factors beyond their direct control.

So… I’m a little skeptical of idealism and directly apprehendable authenticity. Undoubtedly a product of projecting my self-image onto the entire planet, yet I believe more in the Clark Kent’s who never wear the cape.

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