Kenneth Udut is Infrequently Vile

You are infrequently vile – you mostly put others before yourself, though you may find occasions in which your dark side shines.


I expected my narcissism to be much higher than that honestly. The almost middle Machiavellianism surprised me at first but it kinda makes sense as I’m always searching for uncommon and common people-patterns.

I’m grateful for the low Psychopathy but I wasn’t too concerned there.

What are your thoughts on your results? Self-reporting can be tricky as we can overplay or underplay certain things.

For example, as I took the test, I wondered if I was underplaying undesirable things and overplaying desirable things? I believe I was honest and yet there’s that little something saying, “You’re just making yourself look good to yourself here” which would certainly feed into a potential ACTUAL narcissism by manipulating the results of the test as I’m taking it in order to achieve a result that gives me the appearance of lower narcissism.

Sort of a “hey look how humble I am!”

So, the doubt lingers and then I remind myself: not a scientific test, just for fun. smile emoticonkenneth-udut-is-infrequently-vile


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