Kenneth Udut is described as a very analytical storyteller. I feel vindicated! :)

I like simpler words given as feedback. It shows me that my message was received. I’m not very good at concise and short when I get excited about an idea. I usually write until my fingers get bored of typing.

And yes, our handshake is good. Our error-checking bits match parity.

JRW says:
You sound like a very analytical storyteller.
You get that its all a story.
But in order to admit or accept that, one must accept stories have power.

Simpler words, I know, I don’t belittle your understanding.
I only wish to summarize it so that you may see I resonate in this way, and if you resonate with my echo, then our communication, like two modems, we have reached a threshhold of resonance.

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