Kenneth Udut is 15 years old. Kenneth Udut is 11 years old.

I’m 15. See? Oh. Profile pic? yeah that’s my dad. Oh wait – yeah _imaginary dad_. Dang it. Oh nvm. I’d be terrible at age-fake. Of course i was the guy that didn’t want to stand with everybody else. F’them. … notice that weird triangle sweater #nerdcool ken_lounge-1987

I’m really 11. Check out my new computer. Yeah, hooks up to the TV and everything. Got it for Christmas. I’m gonna teach myself programming and invent these devices that people can hold in their hands that have whole libraries on it and is going to be connected to every other computer on the planet – even other countries! and can play any movie ever made, and people can just look at it and talk to each other., but they’ll have keyboards so people can type to each other. I’m doing good in typing class already. Everybody will be like me someday and have a computer. That guy up there? He was my older brother. Looked kinda like me. Taught me how to program. Told me about this thing called a modem. It was gonna be cool. B)




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