Kenneth Udut is 100% Epicurean.

Kenneth Udut is 100% Epicurean.

Wonder what ethical philosophy fits you (if any)?
It’s a short test but holy shit, it nailed me perfectly.
100% Epicurean.







I’m still blown away it nailed me with Epicurus. Hardly ever see his name anywhere for anything. I *think* I had one or two points I didn’t care for with it but what I agree is close enough to 100% that I can’t remember what they are.



I just did a quick readup on egoist anarchism and found a lot that resonates yet I have a bit too much of a boy scout in me. The little I know of deconstructivists – or whatever they’re called… post-constructivists? eh, I get terms screwed up – also hold some sway with me. The bit I know of Foucault? I like a large part of it. I saw a debate he did with Chomsky where he described obscuring and revealing of truthvalues using his hands as grids – loved that stuff. ‘clicked in’ with me right away.
Yet, he removed himself ‘too much’ to the point where it was only about himself. But I’ve been hardpressed to find anybody who I agreed with in totality. Epicurean though nails me. Can’t remember why offhand. I just remember the feeling when I discovered it.
 Ah there’s some of the flaws I had with Epicurus. He’s all “pleasure/pain”. Eh, I’m not that, although I ‘get it’. Not a hedonist here. But a lot of the other stuff I know is spot on with me.
 ‘m wondering about the test too: I got excited because there’s a lot of about Epicurus that I like but re-looking at him, I got reminded that he’s the pleasure/pain -hedonist guy. Eh, in that dept I’m more like the stoics.

Not a fan of Rand either. 51% Rand. I think Rousseu is on the bottom of everybody’s list. [I have it on my profile and he’s on the bottom of everybody’s list].

I had a similar experience with Epicurus. His famous pleasure/pain + hedonism doesn’t resonate as it were, yet many other aspects of his ethical outlook match up well with me.  In my 20s I was attracted to monastic life — still am — and did a little Monastery time which confirmed it. Years later, I discovered that the eastern orthodox monastery system were primarily converted Epicurean communities with a christian frosting on top as it were. Confirming with some research, I could see that in its gist, epicurean suited me. It was a reverse route to get there, but i did. A consequence is that I’d probably be satisfied to live in nearly any intentional community with “commune style” values underneath as they ultimately were based upon Epicurean communities historically, who were based upon Epicurus himself, although they had changed in the centuries since he lived, for practical reasons (an ideology enacted has to be modified to fit reality at least somewhat xD )


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