Kenneth Udut: IQ 118? Could be. Said 132/134/142/144 as a kid, but eh, it’s a test :P

Ouch!  What a headache 😛  I just took one of those online IQ tests; this is the one ppl online tend to go to for a free test; it’s been around forever.  Official?  Naw, just headache fun.  Anyway, as I kid I got something like 132, 144, 142, 134; one of those.

Here I got an IQ of 118.  I’m cool w/that.  Heck, if it said 79 I’d be fine with that.  It was a fun little bit of headache material. If you like self-torture and don’t have self-esteem issues where your ego will get busted to shreds if you don’t get a number you like, here ya go.  Enjoy 😛  BUT – if you find the IQ number significantly meaningful, and you believe that the results of tests are a meaningful assessment of “You” as a person and your capabilities, then no, don’t take it. 😀

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