Kenneth Udut in 1987 is different and ok with it :)

#imdifferent Some people try to be different.  I just… was different.  Everybody else is standing?  Not me.  And what’s with that sweater thing I was wearing?  Yes – it was #nerdcool I got good grades and I was all #idgaf yet I was always #nice to everybody.  Wasn’t much of a joiner, although this was #science #club

For inspiration for style, see #morkandmindy #robinwilliams – definitely some influence there.

Oh and the year? #nineteeneightyseven   – yeah 1987, like the #fnaf song.  That’s what made me think about it: #whatif #freddyfazbears existed in 1987?

Well, I would probably have been a part time Janitor since I was in #9thgrade and there’s not a whole lot of jobs for 9th graders.

I would probably have been there on the night of the #biteof1987 and had to clean up the #blood

So yeah.  I was there.  I was a janitor for my local church in 9th grade, so doing it for a local #pizza place would have been just as easy.  Totally possible in an #alternative #history   😛ken_1987_different

My glasses were purple tinted.
Not that I wanted them purple, but they messed up the tint in my prescription glasses.  So that year, I was “Joe Tint”.  Plus it was the first year at a new school.

#selfesteem level?  I was just fine 🙂  Picked on, but didn’t care.


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