Kenneth Udut!!! I like you! deal with it.



Kenneth Udut!!! I like you! deal with it.


It may take several decades of expensive therapists, several rounds of experimental drug treatments, two years on a mountain in Tibet and a barefoot journey through the Amazon carrying nothing but an empty Campbell’ soup can with a sharp edge for survival, but my 8-bit sunglasses are waiting for me as my prize, for the moment before I leave this big blue marble we call Earth, when I’ll finally be able to say:

“I have dealt! I have dealt with it and I am victorious!”. Beeeeeeeepppppppppp…..


S.M: “I like you too so throw in a hat

My Top Hat! Yes!! Thank you :D :D :D Now I just need to borrow ANOTHER lifetime to repeat the treatment with as I just used this one up but I think I can manage it if I get a clone soon.



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