Kenneth Udut – I feel privileged to meet you [plus my thoughts on the internet]

Wow, well thanks :) I think the Internet has been the BEST thing to combat ageism: I was just a nerd back then, hacking stuff… I still am. But I saw something in the Internet that seemed pretty awesome and I wanted everybody to be nerds like me, at least a little. I saw it as a vehicle for “impossible friendships”: people separated by geographic and time could talk to each other. Faces were eliminated. Names could be changed. Gender, age, clothing, voice… all of these things didn’t matter. People could meet in a way that’s as close to ‘mind to mind” as I’ve ever seen, so I’m REALLY really happy to see so many people online. Plus it’s a vindication for all the years people would make fun of “nerds like me”. I’m loving it.

[I feel privileged to meet you is in response to my history of being online since and starting Y-RIGHTS which spawned a few other groups like NYRA and Taking Children Seriously]



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